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Waxing Treatments

Our waxing services gently remove hair and leave skin comfortable and smooth. We offer a full line of facial and body waxing services for both women and men.

Xanitalia Rosemary Roller Wax (Legs, Arms)

Deo Hot Wax (Sensitive Skin-Bikini, underarms and face areas)

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Is It safe to wax?

Absolutely, waxing has been used for years as a method of hair removal. All of our waxing therapists are experienced. As we are a dedicated hair removal salon it’s what we do, all day every day. We use the highest quality waxes and only use hot wax for all specialized intimate waxing treatments so you can be assured of the safest most comfortable wax possible.

Is It hygienic to wax?

Definitely, we have a strict hygiene policy our rules are always obeyed and never compromised. We never double dip our spatulas – so the wax in our pots is 100% completely clean. Work areas are completely sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant after every client.

How long does my hair have to be to be waxed?

You will need at least 2-3 weeks growth in order to achieve a clean wax, this does vary from person to person. For your first wax we would definitely recommend 3 weeks growth. It is REALLY important for the hairs to be long enough so that the wax can grab them otherwise hairs will break or will not be removed completely. If your hairs are not long enough we recommend rescheduling otherwise you may be disappointed with your result. We would ask that hair be trimmed to about ¼ of an inch long.

Do I need to do anything before my wax appointment?

-We would ask all clients to ensure their skin is clean and free from any oils or moisturisers.
-Exfoliate lightly about 1-2 days before your wax.
-We would ask that you trim hair to about ¼ of an inch long, before your wax.
-Wear loose cotton clothing we would also recommend you wear 100% cotton underwear to avoid any skin irritation if having a bikini wax, if you are having a leg wax we would ask you not to wear nylon tights or skinny jeans afterwards as this could cause an irritation or ingrown hairs on your legs.
-Avoiding caffeine before your wax as it makes your pain receptors more sensitive.
-Some clients will take a mild pain reliever 30mins before their appointment.
-Refrain from using false tan or using tanning beds before waxing.

I have never been waxed before and I am embarrassed 

Don’t be, seriously. We completely understand, what is a everyday occurrence for us is a big deal for you, especially if it is your first time. We do this all day every day so there is no need for you to worry. We will take our time to explain what will happen and ensure you feel at ease. Our therapists are very professional and will make sure you never feel uncomfortable.

What happens during the wax appointment?

Your therapist will bring you to a treatment room and ask you to remove your clothing, for intimate waxing we do ask that all items of clothing be removed from the waist down, we pop you onto a treatment couch and give you a baby whips so you can refresh the intimate area and one towel to cover over the treatment area so you feel comfortable, your therapist will then come in and wax.

Will It hurt?

Honestly, it depends on the person, some people think it’s a breeze and others say, well, let’s just say it doesn’t feel like a massage. The vast majority of people say it’s the anticipation and thought of it which is the worst part, the wax itself is fine. Some parts are worse than others but over time it gets better as the more you wax the hair the weaker it will become. We only use hot wax for all of our intimate waxing treatments this allows the follicle to open more and is a lot less painful than strip waxing. We’re a chatty bunch in here so generally the time passes by before you realise what’s happened.

What is the difference between Hollywood and Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian is the removal of the hair in the intimate area, including the labia and bum, a small strip of hair is left, the size and shape depend on your own personal preference. A Hollywood is the removal of all of the hair in this area including labia and bum.



Can someone who has a very sensitive skin get waxed?

Absolutely, we would recommend that you have a patch test 24 hours before your wax just to ensure everything will be fine, this will put your mind at ease to as it will determine if your skin is suitable or not. Sometimes if you have a sensitive skin the heat of the wax may need to be adjusted so when booking you are booking your appointment or speaking to your therapist mention it to them and they will adjust the temperature accordingly.

Do I have to cancel If I get my period?

There’s definitely no need for. We would just ask that you use a tampon. You may be more sensitive but it is not necessary to cancel, It happens all the time and is not a problem at all.


When will I need my next wax?

This varies from person to person but an average of 4-6 weeks for most people, you will find the more you wax the cleaner they become and the less frequently you will need them. The trick is not to leave too long of a gap in-between so that you are catching each growth cycle as they are coming through.

Do I need to avoid anything after my wax appointment?

Directly after waxing your hair follicles remain open so please refrain from the following

  • Hot showers/baths, steam rooms, saunas, swimming pool and exercise for 24hrs after your wax.
  • Exfoliation for 24hrs and use light exfoliation for up to 3 days after waxing.
  • Sun beds or fake tan on the area or expose the area to direct sunlight.
  • Perfumed products or thick creams.
  • Don’t wear tight clothes as they will cause friction on the area.
  • All of the above may cause skin to become irritated in the treated area, it is important that you follow these guidelines to ensure the result from your wax is long lasting and to ensure your skin safety.

How do I exfoliate and how often should I be doing It?

You should exfoliate using gentle to medium pressure on the skin, very rough and aggressive exfoliation is not recommended especially in the bikini area. Regular light exfoliation done 2-3 times a week is more effective than 1 session using a heavy handed approach as this will traumatise your skin.

Exfoliating mitts are widely available and when used in conjunction with a light scrub prove to be a very effective combination. If you need something stronger products are available which contain Salicylic Acid (from the willow bark tree) to further help the skin shed its dead layers , this in turn prevents hairs getting trapped underneath the skin.

When can I exfoliate again?

Depending on how sensitive your skin is after waxing it is quiet safe to start lightly exfoliating about 3-4 days after your wax, just be gentle for the first week or so. We really do recommending exfoliating in between your waxing appointments to avoid ingrown hairs forming under the skin.

Why do I get red bumps after the waxing and Is It anything to worry about?

If you are prone to ingrown hairs you will normally see bumps appear a couple of weeks after waxing these are normal and are nothing to worry about. It is however very important to use a product specifically designed to help with ingrown hairs and begin to exfoliate at this stage otherwise you will find more hairs becoming ingrown.

What is an ingrown hair?

An ingrown hair is a hair that does not grow straight out of the follicle, the hair curls back or sideways into the follicle wall causing inflammation, left untreated they cause the skin to become raised and sore and sometimes become infected. They can also be caused by too many dead skin cells blocking the opening of the follicle and this is the reason it is so important to exfoliate.

How can I get rid of ingrown hairs and will the red marks they leave fade away?

Light exfoliation as explained above should help but if you are prone to ingrown hairs it is worthwhile investing in a good after wax product to help the skin chemically exfoliate (Not as in bad chemicals, using an active ingredient in a product) as opposed to mechanically (Scrubbing). This will also help the red marks to fade over time.

If you must use a tweezers , ensure that your skin is clean and the tweezers has been disinfected and also that you have a antibac wipe or cream to apply over the area after the hair has been removed, this will ensure that the follicle doesn’t become infected.

Can I shave in between waxes?

We know it’s tempting but don’t give in. We don’t recommend shaving in between your waxes, shaving will affect the consistency of your hair growth patterns. If you do shave you also increase the chance of getting ingrown hairs and we all know that’s not fun.

Is waxing permanent?

No, waxing can weaken the hair over time but not completely remove it permanently, if you stop waxing hairs will regenerate in the follicles.


If you have any more questions please don’t hesitate, get in touch.

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