Manicure Treatments

We offer a wide range of manicure treatment to assure your skin and nails are flawless. Chose from some basic manicures: simple or french polish change, mini manicure with cuticle work or maybe go for shellac manicure, the 2 week long lasting shiny and chip free polish. There is as well gent’s and luxury manicure with lovely exfoliation, extended massage and polish of your choice.

Simple Polish Change – 30 min
Nails are nicely shaped and buffed with a polish of your choice.
French polish change – 30 min
Nails are nicely shaped and buffed with a perfect French (white) tip.

Mini Manicure – 30 min
For a quick hand lift, this will pay attention to the cuticles along with shaping and polish of choice.

Luxury Manicure – 60 min
The Ideal treatment for dry skin and cuticles. We start this treatment with quick file, shape, buff, cuticle soak and cuticle work. The next step is exfoliation which will remove all the dry skin and leave the skin soft and smooth. At the end of the treatment you will enjoy in a lovely massage and we will apply polish of your choice.

Gent’s Manicure – 30min

This focus of this treatment is to leave hands groomed, paying attention to shaping and cuticle work. Nails are left buffed and detailed.

Gellux Manicure – 45min

Go for this amazing manicure with application of chip free polish that last up to 2 weeks and get cuticle work included.

Gellux Removal Only – 30 min                                                                                                                              

It is very important to remove Gellux properly so It doesn’t damage your natural nails. That’s why we always suggest to remove your gel polish in the salon. When getting your nails done with us we will always remove your Gellux free of charge with any chosen manicure.

Gellux Removal Add On– 15min

Let us professionally remove your gel polish as an add-on to any of our manicure treatments to ensure nails are left smooth and undamaged before we polish.

Gellux Removal with Mini Manicure – 45min

After we  gently remove your gel polish  we will take care of your dry cuticles. The final step is application of nails strengthener and polish of your choice.