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Bringing a new approach to aesthetics.


Luma Doc

Dr. Paul Deignan is the head physician and founder of LumaDoc.



He is an aesthetic specialist with years of experience from all over the world.


Passion & professionalism

Paul’s passion for aesthetics is instilled throughout LumaDoc, to ensure every person gets top-quality treatment, follow-up, and after-care that they deserve.

LumaDoc services available at Thea’s!

Anti-wrinkle Treatments

Get a fresher, younger look with our most popular anti-wrinkle treatments. This treatment promises to reduce wrinkles and lessen the signs of aging. We offer anti-wrinkle treatments with our fully trained medical practitioners. Book your free in-person or virtual consultation now!

Dermal Fillers / Profhilo

Define, rejuvenate and volumize your face with Dermal Fillers. These natural products will give you long lasting confidence with immediate results.

Find out more by clicking on the various treatment types or arrange a free consultation with a doctor.

Fat dissolvement / Aqualyx Injections

Deoxycholate is a substance we produce in our bodies to breakdown dietary fat. By injecting a synthetic version of this compound into stubborn, fatty areas, it can work locally on the fat cells to dissolve them. The fat cells are then permanently removed by the body over the next 2-3 weeks.

1-2 treatments are usually required for small fat pockets, such as under the chin.

3-4 treatments are usually required for larger areas, such as the abdomen or thigh regions.

Treatements are perfromed 1 month apart. 

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Aesthetic Treatments for Men

Men and women differ physiologically and anatomically. Therefore, we individualize our anti-wrinkle, filler and Profhilo treatments to ensure the best aesthetic outcome for each client.

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Group Bookings

If you want to get treated with your friends or family as part of a group, there are great discounts available. Group bookings are perfect for special occasions such as hen parties, birthdays or weddings. Get in touch with us today to discuss bespoke group packages to suit your needs, for groups of 2 or more.


Packages and Special Offers

With the huge range of available treatments, clients are sometimes unsure what to choose. Your doctor will help to devise a treatment plan with you during your free consultation.

Client centered approach

LumaDoc is here to facilitate your treatment journey. Through our detailed virtual and in-person consultations we will find individualised treatments that best suit you. 

We are experts at what we do and are here to put those skills at your disposal. Our doctors are here to answer your questions before, during, and after your consultation, to ensure you feel at ease. Whether you are being treated on your own or in a group, for the first time or the tenth time we can guarantee the same level of professionalism and care to all who join the LumaDoc family.


Group Bookings 

If you need to book a group for anti-wrinkle treatments with LumaDoc, you’ll find out everything you need to know right here. For cancellation of your entire group booking, please notify us no later than 72 hours before your appointment.

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"Dr Paul treated me and 4 friends in my home. It was effortless, painless, and very professional. He made us feel at ease, as two of us had never got Botox before. We each got 3 areas done. It has been 5 days and I can already see the difference. I am delighted with the results, as are my friends."

– Lucie

"We arranged GlowDoc to come to a house we were renting for a weekend away. The free consultation beforehand was great, as everyone wanted something slightly different. Dr. Paul walked me through my treatment and what to expect. He then called each of my friends to do the same. The attention and care were really noticeable. When we met Paul on the day, we felt that we had known him for ages! That made us feel very safe and assured."

– Lauren, Katie, Maeve, Emma

"I get my Botox done every 3-4 months and its always a hassle getting out of work and making my way into town. The fact that GlowDoc comes to you is fantastic. I’ve been treated by them twice now and will never go back!"

– Sean

"I was nervous about getting Botox done for the first time. I called Paul for a free consultation, and he made me feel so comfortable getting it done. I started with a low dose to be safe, and I’ve just had it topped up by Paul at the two-week mark. Really happy with the service and results!"

– Rachel


Wide Range of Services

With the huge range of available treatments, clients are sometimes unsure what to choose. Your doctor will help to devise a treatment plan with you during your free consultation. Whether it is a single treatment for one person or a combination of treatments for you and your friends we will make sure it is as simple as possible.

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LumaDoc is committed to your care and to helping you achieve a fresher, healthier, and more glowing appearance. Specialising in non-invasive aesthetics means our treatments are specific to your dreams, including skin rejuvenation, body contouring, and aesthetic injectables for both men and women.