This incredible regenerating treatment boosted with Glycolic Acid is here to stimulate cell renewal, with an effective smoothing, moisturizing and brightening action.



Post-summer is the best time to lighten age spots, to soften rough skin, and to reverse some of the wear and tear that your skin takes during the summer. The lazy days of summer are great for your psyche, but they are hard on your skin. Plus, your anti-aging skincare usually takes a back seat to your “fun in the sun.”

Late summer and early fall are the best times to start getting your skin back in good shape and to give your skin the much-needed attention it craves for.

About Gycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a sugar cane derivative that is widely used in skincare. This acid can penetrate into the epidermis. It cannot penetrate to the deeper layers of the skin but it can produce positive results in the topmost skin layer.

The most common cosmetic peels make use of alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. AHA may take the form of fruit, lactic or glycolic acid. A single AHA treatment may be enough to bring out your skin’s radiance. Depending on the concentration of the acid, you may feel a tingling or stinging sensation on your skin.

Glycolic acid is an AHA which is prized for its exfoliating abilities. Ideal for both men and women of any age, glycolic peels are noninvasive. Procedures involving glycolic acid peeling are so mild, you can wear makeup right after treatment. Using glycolic is the perfect choice for individuals wanting quick recovery time.

What are the benefits and how does Gycolic acid works?

1.Exfoliate the skin

2. Hydrates

3. Stimulate Collagen production

4. Improves photo-aged skin

5. Hyperpigmentation



Which skin concerns can It treat?

Acne problems

People with acne could benefit from using a peel since it attacks the skin layer containing bacteria and impurities that could clog the pores and increase breakouts. This way, you gain even complexion and brighter skin.

Sun Damage and Wrinkles

Since peeling promotes the growth of new skin cells to remove the old ones, it would also be helpful to get a peel to reverse the damaging effects of the sun. By exposing a fresh skin layer, the effect of sun damage would be less visible. Another wonderful effect of glycolic peels involves reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Glycolic peels strengthen the skin’s deeper layers which help soften fine lines on the skin to give it a younger appearance. Having glycolic treatment every month or two is ideal to maintain its anti-aging benefits.

Aftercare and how to maintain the skin?

Limiting sun exposure is necessary after a chemical peel. Applying sunscreen and wearing protective clothing to avoid exposure of treated area is also wise. Try to avoid cosmetics containing active ingredients such as retinol, glycolic acid, and dye until the area has completely healed. In case of flaking, apply moisturizer on the area and avoid touching it all the time.

For the next few days, expect that the top layer of your skin might be bit drier than usual. Applying moisturizer can help. Do not pick on your skin even if it starts flaking.

For a week, do not exfoliate. Chemical peels are already responsible for getting rid of dead skin cells and the growth of fresh new skin. Exfoliating might cause further skin irritation. At this stage, you should try to avoid the sun as much as you can or else your skin will suffer the consequences.

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