SVS is a brand new revolutionary lash extension treatment designed by Nouveau.
This unique lash extension treatment has been specially developed to combine the best aspects of Nouveaus EXTEND and EXPRESS treatments while also incorporating the expert work of Nouveau VOLUME MASTERS.
This unique technique has been developed to ensure the health of your natural lashes are at the forefront, meaning your own lashes are protected while we create a custom lash look tailored just for you.
A variety of styles are available with SVS, ranging from the natural looking volume to a fuller, more glamorous look.
SVS will last 6-8 weeks (Infilling may be requires) SVS offers the ability to return only after 6-8 weeks to repeat the treatment if desired, this is because the need for infilling is different for SVS than for the traditional semi-perminant lashes. The fluffy texture, unique appearance and natural variation in the SVS lashes all work together to mean that and SVS lash extension loss is far less apparent. If no change in volume look is desired for the duration of 6-8 weeks, however, an infill treatment can be performed 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment.
Old lash removal €10
Make-up removal fee €10
Full set SVS Lashes €75

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